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Fursuits, Accessories, & Apparel

Welcome to Liquid Sunshine Designs! Where we make your dreams come to life.

Price Calculators

Here are listings meant to help potential clients find out how much their design may cost to purchase from us. It's a no muss, no fuss way to get a free quote without bugging a maker until you're ready to purchase. Great for those just curious or shopping around.

Fursuit DIY Supplies

Supplies to create the cute costume of your dreams! Here at Liquid Sunshine, we not only share our skills, but our supplies to help costume makers from all walks of life afford our style, and enjoy the satisfaction of making their own suit.

Costume Accessories

Need a cool prop, or want to accessorize your costume with something cute? These items are perfect for doing just that! Need something specific and don't see it here? We're often open to doing custom prop commissions, just email us!

Made To Order Parts

Here you can order specific parts for your costume. Need a new pair of feetpaws? Haven't the foggiest how to make a tail? Just want to start with something small and work your way up? Love our head style but can't afford a full order? No worries!

Ready To Ship

These items are complete and ready to ship today! Not willing to wait for a custom item? Do we have the color you need in stock? This is the spot for you! Most items ship within 2-3 days and have already been made and finished.

Here at Liquid Sunshine Designs, we strive to provide a fun, stress-free commission experience for all types of client. From beginner's who've never done this before, to seasoned pros, we want everyone to feel comfortable, and part of the fun that is creating your one of a kind costume!